AdventPhotos2016 – Touch

5 12 2016


Heart – AdventPhotos (2015#7)

6 12 2015

The symbol of love, our feeling selves. This photo is my iPad background!
And every time I see it, it reminds me of the amazing blessing I have experienced throughout my life of an earthly father who has made it so very easy for me believe that my Heavenly Father wants only what is best for me. And, the capacity for unconditional, graceful love that I continue to understand more and more, the longer I am permitted the gift of being a parent and now, grandparent.

Work – AdventPhotos (2015#2)

3 12 2015

I was thinking about how different our Christian faith is from virtually all other religions. We don’t work to gain God’s favor. We understand that nothing we could ever do would be sufficient to earn God’s grace. But He graciously comes to us, gifting us with His presence, and from that flows a desire to bring honor to Him in all that we do.