Travel – Advent & Christmas Photos (2015#33)

3 01 2016

When you look at the Advent/Christmas story, its interesting to notice how much of that story involves travel. Mary and Joseph had to leave home and travel to Bethlehem. The shepherds had to leave their fields and travel into town. Forty days after his birth, Mary and Joseph traveled to the Temple to present Jesus, as the Torah instructed, for the redemption of the firstborn (Candlemas on the Christian calendar, Feb 2nd.) The Magi traveled a great distance from the east to worship Jesus (Epiphany on the Christian Calendar, Jan. 6th.) Someone is always moving from their current location throughout the whole Advent/Christmas season.   

We should probably consider the possibility that this season may also require us to travel, to move from where we are currently located. I’m not talking about in the physical/literal sense (although that may be part of it,) but spiritually – will this coming of the Christ require us, require me to move from where I am right now? Almost certainly, yes!  

Are you ready to travel somewhere new this year? Are you willing to follow, wherever the road may lead? It may not always be comfortable, and it may not always be quick, but the destination will absolutely be worth the challenge of the journey.


Rebuild – AdventPhotos (2015#17)

17 12 2015

I bought this set of blocks for my 11 month old grandson, Reese for Christmas. Some gifts are timeless aren’t they? Little ones love building things. But there’s a key part of building play that we tend to loose as we grow into adulthood. I am completely certain that when Reese starts playing with these blocks he’ll have just as much fun, if not more, tearing down whatever he just built and rebuilding something else. Who knows why, maybe he’ll want to know what it looks like with a blue block on the bottom instead of a green one. In our lives we grown-ups don’t do that so much. We think about what we’ve already got invested in the life we’ve built. What if we start over and it’s worse?? Then we’re even further behind. Few of us would say that our lives are perfect reflections of the God whose image we were created to bear, we’re all in need of remodeling and rebuilding, but it’s so risky dismantling our life that we know. Sure we don’t like that relationship that is broken, so we keep that door shut tight and just don’t use that room. We wish we didn’t have to lie to ourselves about the addiction that’s setting our priorities, but better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, right? What if we start this renovation and we uncover even more changes that need made. And, it’s not like we can move out while the rebuild I happening – we’ve got to live in our life through the whole messy, uncomfortable process. I want to risk the rebuild. I’m going to trust that the result will be exceedingly, abundantly beyond what I even knew to hope or ask for. Are you up for a rebuild? I can give you the name of a carpenter…