AdventPhotos2016 – Commit

6 12 2016

Well, I did it again. I bought another book. I’m too embarrassed to even count the number of books in my ‘to-read’ stack(s) – to say nothing of the ones in-progress. In an attempt to control the rate of expansion of my library  I have a rule for myself; I will not buy another book without getting rid of one.  But I’ll be reading one of my books and the writer will reference another book that gives more detail or depth on the topic at hand, and it would be fantastic to have that additional material, so I buy the next book and I fudge on my rule. I’ll remove one of my digital books from one of my devices, because I still really need all of my printed books. I like my rule, in theory. I like the way it would control the sheer volume of bound matter in my tiny house. I like the way it would save me money. But when it comes right down to it, I don’t like it enough to follow through with my rule. Despite my internal dialog, and digital dodging, I won’t commit to that particular discipline in my life; my actions demonstrate an attitude of “I might” rather than “I will.”

As I walk through this Advent season, I find fresh encouragement in God’s commitment to relationship with humankind being met through the gift of His Son. He said He would send a Messiah, and He did. And as I look with anticipation toward the continued fulfillment of His promises in my life I am so very grateful to know that He is not an “I might” God.




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