26 11 2016

Advent starts tomorrow!! Take a deep breath in, squeeze your eyes shut tight, curl your toes, clasp your hands together, feel a grin of anticipation pull against the corners of your mouth; it’s coming…Christmas! The arrival. Emmanuel, God with us. The birth, christening this life and being with newness. Awakening our spirits to the possible.

I hope you’ll join me again this year in walking Advent through the camera’s lens. I’m including a graphic with the Theme Word for each day. If you want to look and read, wonderful. If you want to participate with your photos, I would love it! Feel free to share them as a comment, or if you’d rather post a link to your blog or social media post just use #AdventPhotos2016 so we can keep them all connected (if you are linking through to a social media post, make sure your privacy settings are “public” on the linked post so we can all see, please.)

I’m so looking forward to sharing this time with you all again!




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