Difference – #LentPhotos (2016 #5)

15 02 2016

What if there were a single homeless person in our town?

What if only one little girl were going to bed hungry tonight?

What if a solitary elderly man couldn’t afford his insulin today?

What if just one young man didn’t have a set of clothes suitable for job interview?

What if one baby boy were an orphan?

What if there was just one widow who had sat alone in her home again today?

What if only one single mom needed the money to have her car repaired?

What if a lone released convict were to get off the bus with nowhere to go?

What if one teenager was struggling with depression?

What if there was only one addict, trying to get clean?

Could I, with my current resources, knowledge, and circumstances, make a difference in the life of just one person?

I wonder why, when there is more than one, we tend to stop trying to make a difference for the one?  

The one is still there, sitting amongst the many, hurting, hungry, thirsty, lonely, sick, broken, in need.

What if I made a difference for that one?




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