Star – Advent & Christmas Photos (2015#34)

5 01 2016

There’s an awful lot we don’t know about the three wise men, hanging out at the edge of the creche. We do know however,what prompted their visit to Jesus; they had seen his star in the sky, and that little tidbit holds so much instruction and encouragement.  
Did you ever stop to wonder if anyone else saw that same star? After all, the whole world would have been looking up at the same sky. Do you think the reason they saw God’s revelation is because they were looking for it? Or maybe others did see the star, but didn’t want to stop whatever they were doing to follow it. As we approach the celebration of Epiphany, the wise men’s star inspires me to look for divine revelation amongst the the trappings of every day life; in the ebb & flow of the surf, in the questions of a child, in the words of a friend, in the pages of a book, in the stars shining in the night sky. I want to see my Savior revealed, and I want to run hard after Him.




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