House – AdventPhotos (2015#17)

16 12 2015

We’ve been “Tiny House Living” long before tiny house living was trendy. We raised three kids with one bathroom. 3 girls, all teenagers at the same time – one bathroom. But I like my tiny house. It feels cozy, manageable, and safe. 

 The poor Innkeeper is always cast as the bad guy in the Christmas story, but what if he really didn’t have anymore square footage that he could have given to Joseph and Mary? We, looking back on the story, can say easily he should have sent someone else to the stable. He should have given priority to the Christ Child over anyone else he had staying in his Inn. But, he didn’t know it was the Messiah who was about to be birthed. He was just doing what Innkeepers do, fill up their space. I catch myself doing that same thing. My schedule is full, my relational life is full, my stomach is full, my house is full, my life is full. Advent, this time of preparation is an opportunity for us to make space. You see unlike the Innkeeper we know that Jesus, the God who came, is coming again. When He comes, will we have made room for Him, or will He end up on the periphery, again, because we’re just too full?



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