Gentle – AdventPhotos (2015#14)

13 12 2015

Gentle is one of those words that can be used in various ways – in its archaic, Middle English form, it is a noun used to signify nobility. In modern English it can be both an adjective; tender, considerate, amiable, kind, gradual, respectful; and a verb; to enable, to tame, to soothe, to calm. As soon as I saw today’s word, I immediately knew the subject of the photo. The God who came and who comes and abides today, and who will come again is certainly a God of power, strength, and judgement, but equally true, God is a gentle God. He is tender and kind. He brings humanity to places of understanding gradually rather than suddenly or harshly. He is respectful of us, his creation. He works to soothe troubled spirits, to calm fearful hearts. As Matthew said of Jesus, in looking back at the words of the prophet Zechariah; “Behold, your King is coming to you, gentle, and mounted on a donkey…” I have not seen God with my physical eyes, nor touched Him with my hands. None the less, I have seen His image, I know what His gentleness looks like and what it feels like. I have been blessed with a mother in Nancy Reese who has shown me throughout my life what it is to always be gentle – never weak, but always, unfailingly gentle. In words, attitudes, and actions her quiet gentleness brings the Spirit of Emmanuel, our present God into the lives of those around her, encouraging and inspiring them to reach out and take the Hand that is reaching out to them in their pain and lostness. Her hands have been the gentle hands of God to her parents, her husband, her friends,neighbors, students, co-workers, employees, strangers, her children, grandchildren, and now, great-grandchildren. I want to be that same kind of image bearer, of a coming, gentle King.



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